–Sandra Kay Yow

Look what you did, Sandra Kay Yow. Look what you did. You know, you could’ve been a librarian like you started out to be-maybe the greatest librarian with the highest on-time return rate of any librarian with a 38-ear tenure ever. You know that? What happened to teaching English, Coach? By now you could’ve taught thousands of students to write and speak with your gentle Southern drawl. What happened to all of that, Coach Yow? Instead, young women from North Carolina to Bucharest to Moscow to Mexico to Caracas to Taipei to Brazil to Seoul to L.A. think they can do anything in basketball or otherwise-because of you. What have you done?

Coach Yow, you forsook all others and took the young women of North Carolina State as your surrogate children for 34 years. What you taught them and us can’t be placed in any category as simple as English or Basketball; you gave us so much more. You gave us you.

You battled with something tough, Coach; we know it. And you battled it like a dignified superhero with the ability to take decades of pain and fighting and turn them into the strength and power other people need. Like any hero, you put the needs of others before our own. You did it with a smile, you did it with your hands on your hips, you did it with your red coach’s cape flapping in the wind.

You’re a wonderful and extraordinary lady, Sandra Kay Yow. And when we say wonderful, we mean wow. And when we say extraordinary, we mean extra ordinary. And when we think of those pink ribbons, we think they should be like a blanket that covers everyone and shields us and reminds us all to be wonderful, extraordinary, dignified, powerful, strength-giving heroes just like you. See what you’ve done.


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