We both stopped talking. Part of his sleeve was touching my arm; I don’t know if he knew. Then everything started to seem perfect for some reason. The feel of his shirt against my elbow, the fact that I still had an elbow… It was the perfect moment for him to kiss me, for him to anything me.
My So Called Life

He thinks I’m cute, and he makes me laugh. Sometimes that’s all you need.

At a crowded restaurant way cross town, he waited impatiently. When she walked in, their eyes met …and they both stared. And right there and then everyone else disappeared…but one boy, one girl–two hearts beating wildly. To put it mildly it was love at first sight. He smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away: This was the day they’d waited for all their lives. And for a moment the whole world revolved around one boy and one girl.
Collin Raye

I live in a world of people pretending to be something they’re not. But when I talk to you, I’m the girl I want to be.
A Cinderella Story

He was so different from her, yet in his presence she felt the possibility of another kind of life, a life she had never imagined could be hers. A life without the rigid limitations others had always set for her.
Nicholas Sparks

Well, at first glance your eyes are brown. But when the light hits them, they change to amber. And if you look really close around the iris, the color is pure honey. But when you look into the sun, they almost look green. That’s my favorite.

I’m fifteen for a moment, caught in between ten and twenty and I’m just dreaming, counting the ways to where you are.
Five for Fighting

Yes I could tell you his favorite color’s green, he loves to argue. Oh and it kills me. His sister’s beautiful, he has his father’s eyes… And if you ask me if I love him, I’d lie.
Taylor Swift

Just when I gave up all hope, you came and gave me butterflies.

Can’t you see? There’s a feeling that’s come over me. Close my eyes. You’re the only one that leaves me completely breathless.
Michelle Branch

It’s funny, most people can be around someone and then gradually begin to love them and never know exactly when it happened.
Fried Green Tomatoes

When he’s around, my whole body knows it. I’ll keep talking and stuff, but my mind will have no idea what I’m saying. I keep wondering if there’s a term for this.
My So-Called Life

Baby there’s nothing in this world that could ever do what a touch of your hand can do; it’s like nothing that I ever knew.
Bad English

So I’m a little left of center; I’m a little out of tune. Some say I’m paranormal, so I just bend their spoon. Who wants to be ordinary in a crazy, mixed-up world? I don’t care what they’re sayin’ as long as I’m your girl.
Michelle Branch

I can’t help but sit here and think about all the stupid stuff we’ve done together — I wouldn’t want to be stupid with anyone but you.
Allison Mosher

It happened to me just a few months back, in the middle of the week and just like that, got weak in the knees… a little out of breath. Man, I had it bad and boy I bet it would blow your mind if you only knew: It happened to me when I met you.
3 of Hearts

I might be a fool, but you might be one too. Maybe we’re all that we needed.
Plain White T’s

If love is a labor, I’ll slave ‘til the end.
Rise Against

And I’d give up forever to touch you, ‘cause I know that you feel me somehow. You’re the closest to heaven that I’ve ever been and I don’t want to go home right now.
Goo Goo Dolls

When I see you, my heart moves my mouth, but I kinda fuse my words out loud, and I try to let my fears go, but somehow it just all goes wrong.
Ultimate Fakebook

I miss you. Whenever something funny happens, I always wanna tell you about it.
Sex and the City

The world was somewhere else. We had the summer all to ourselves, and the stars went off like fireworks.
Tim McGraw

I laugh every time I start to think about her, we set that summer out in style. Well, she’s gone, but she left me with a smile, ‘cause she was mine for awhile.
Tim McGraw

I won’t blink ‘cause I might miss and I’ve waited too long for this. The perfect words at the perfect time. The perfect song with the perfect rhyme compose the soundtrack to our night.

Where you are is where I want to be, and through your eyes all the things I want to see.

Love’s just a waste of our energy and this life’s just a waste of our time, so why don’t we get together? We could waste everything tonight.
Jack Johnson

If I had to dream of the perfect girl, she wouldn’t even come close to you. Will you be my girlfriend?
Boy Meets World

There are millions of people in this world, but in the end it all comes down to one.

And in case you were wondering, you are like a sunset to me. You’re all kinds of beautiful as you end my day.
The Spill Canvas

Like a perfect scene from a movie screen, we’re a dream come true. Suited perfectly for eternity… me and you.
Kenny Chesney

I like to feel his eyes on me when I look away.
Before Sunrise

You catch me and every time I lose control you help me, you save me, and every time I lose myself you find me, redefine me.

I don’t want to waste another moment of my life without you in it.
Garden State

Sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart.
My So-Called Life

Saw this book and though of you. Saw just about everything and thought of you.
Good Morning Miami

And all I need is you next to me…
Taylor Swift

Nothing you confess could make me love you less.
The Pretenders

‘Cause I am hanging on every word you say and even if you don’t want to speak tonight that’s alright with me ‘cause I want nothing more than to sit outside heaven’s door and listen to you breathing… is where I want to be

So just kiss me and let my hair messy itself in your fingers. Let me steady myself in the arms of a man who won’t ask me to be what he needs, but lets me exist as I am.

I love you every minute. I love you more than marching bands and cookie-making.
The Other Sister

It’s funny, most people can be around someone and then gradually begin to love them and never know exactly when it happened.
Fried Green Tomatoes

I believe in memories, they look so, so pretty when I sleep. And when I wake up, you look so pretty sleeping next to me.
Jack Johnson

“She belonged to me,” Chris said simply. “She was , you know, all the things I wasn’t. And I was all the things she wasn’t. She could paint circles around anyone; I can’t even draw a straight line. She was never into sports; I’ve always been.” Chris lifted his outstretched palm and curled his fingers . “Her hand,” he said. “It fit mine.”
Jodi Picoult

I’ll never leave you behind or treat you unkind. I know you understand. And with a tear in my eye, give me the sweetest goodbye that I ever did receive
Maroon 5

Hello beautiful, how’s it going?
I hear it’s wonderful in California. I’ve been missin’ you, it’s true. And tonight I’m gonna fly ‘cause I go across the world and see everything, and never be satisfied if I couldn’t see those eyes.
Jonas Brothers

I like that you ramble when you’re nervous. I like that I know that you ramble when you’re nervous. I like that I still make you nervous.
Dawson’s Creek

Look at me, look at you — look at all that we’ve been through, with a lot of love and a little luck.
Jessica Andrews

And everything I have in this world
All that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me
Just as long as I have you right here by me
Three Doors Down

Darlin’, take me away from here, make it seem like we’re a million miles away… another time, another place
Tim McGraw

Tell me all your dreams and what you think love means. We’ll lock the world outside’ embrace the gift of time, promising forever… Knowing that this moment might be all we ever find
Tim McGraw

You’re my shooting star.
Michelle Branch

I was thinking about how it drives me crazy just to feel your hand in mine and how simple that is.
The Lyndsay Diaries

You’re my muse you’re my silly goose and every day is a dreamy day of daydreaming of you.
Of Montreal

You’re like my favorite damn disease.

Just for that moment time stood still.
Nothing mattered but the thrill of things to come
and never knowin’ where your goin’.
A little nervous and out of practice,
sweaty palms and an awkward silence.
You pulled me closer for a kiss and I’m so scared to feel like this.
Can’t stop my hands from shakin’

You know how when you’re making a snow angel and you wanna make it perfect, but you can’t cause there’s always that hand print when you climb out? Well with him — there’s no handprint
Snow Day

I thought I had never instantly loved a face more, and I also felt that I wanted to live in his bed, next to him.
Like the Red Panda

I could die just staring in your eyes, I just wanna feel your heartbeat
Plain White T’s

There’s something about the way the hair falls in your face. I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillow case
John Mayer

And we’re driving just as fast as we can, and we’re racing to outrun the wind. It’s just me and you and you and me so wild eyed, so young, bright eyed and free. And we’re trying to get out of here, as a small town romance draws ever near. And I swear we’re in the movies, the highlight comes when you kiss me. The stereo sings our song, and we don’t hesitate to sing along.

…I remember we were driving in your car. the speed so fast I felt like I was drunk. city lights lay out before us, and your arm wrapped ’round my shoulder, and I had a feeling that I belonged, and I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone…
Tracy Chapman

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
Chantal Kreviazuk

Baby if you want me to, I’d do anything for you. Just say the words and I’d give you the world.
Matchbook Romance

Just today I heard you read my mind. That kinda magic is so hard to find.
Tim McGraw

And in case you were wondering, you are like a hurricane to me
Your violence is beautiful, and your center sweet
The Spill Canvas

Soft skin, and her hair, that half-awake smile when she saw me come in, like she didn’t know if she was still in a dream… She was the only thing I was living for.

I know I’m doing everything wrong, but I promise you that I will always be here for you.
No Reservations

I thought maybe we could make ginger bread houses, and eat cookie dough, and go ice skating, and maybe even hold hands.

Being with you is like walking on a very clear morning, I definitely have the sensation of belonging there.
E.B. White

And barefoot or first thing in the morning, I feel beautiful. Because I feel like me. I didn’t always feel that way, but I feel that way now.
When somebody just loves you, and when you make somebody happy,
when your presence seems to make them happy, you suddenly feel like the most beautiful person in the world
Angelina Jolie

Hey, let’s just face it. No matter where you went, he never left you. And I don’t think he ever will.
Party of Five

Only God knows where I’d be if you ever stopped lovin’ me.
Montgomery Gentry

I don’t know a thing about anything that I’m saying, all I know is my heart is for you.

Every time she sneezes I believe its love, and Oh lord I’m not ready for this sort of thing.
Counting Crows

Pay no mind what the other voices say. They don’t care about you like I do.
A Perfect Circle

One eye on the clock, and one on the phone. It’s 5:19, I’m feeling alone. If I could talk to you, I’d want you to know, I’m holding loose but ain’t letting go.
Matt Wertz

You’re one of the many things that make me face the day, I’m so glad you’re here with me.
The Starting Line

I have said nothing because there is nothing I can say that would describe how I feel as perfectly as you deserve it.
Kyle Schmidt

Put your hand in my hand baby don’t ever look back.
The Starting Line

Iona: Does he have… strong lips?
Andie: How can you tell?
Iona: Did you feel it in your knees?
Andie: I felt it everywhere.
Pretty in Pink

You and I are the same. Perfect in our own weird way.
Ryan Cabrera

What better way to spend the night
Than wasting it with you
Dave Barnes

Close your eyes, hold on tight… let me run around inside of your mind.
Stoney Larue

In a midnight talk, in a morning kiss,
When I’m in your arms, that’s where it is,
When we’re tangled up and can’t resist,
When we feel that rush, that’s where it is
Carrie Underwood

Forgive me if I st-stutter
From all the clutter in my head
Cause I could fall asleep in those eyes
Like a water bed
Teddy Geiger

You–it’s everything. I’m coming apart, I’m coming to pieces…
R.A. Nelson

That evening, after we have been together for several hours, I realize that our visits are starting to run together in one delicious blur of talking, touching, dozing, and simply existing together in a warm, easy silence like the perfect beach vacation, where the routine is so blissfully uneventful that when you return home and friends ask how your trip was, you can’t really recall what exactly you did to fill up so many hours. that is what being with him is like.
Emily Giffin

I’ll speak in riddles so you can understand
I’ll draw in pencil so you can trace with pen
So in love with me like sand to wet feet
I’ll write both our names into the wet concrete
Senses Fail

I need to be bold
Need to jump in the cold water
Need to grow older with a girl like you
Finally see you are naturally
The one to make it so easy
When you show me the truth
Yeah, I’d rather be with you
Say you want the same thing too
Say you feel the way I do
Joshua Radin

So shine, shine, shine for me baby. It only takes a spark
Matt Wertz

Could this be out of line? To say you are the only one
breaking me down like this. You are the only one I would take a shot on. Keep me hangin’ on.. so contagiously

And you’re touch is potent medicine; Knocks me out with just one shot. I’ve never seen such strong elixir, baby. It fixes all that I’m not. You fix all that I’m not, yeah.
Matt Wertz

I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is when you’re in the world.
Elton John

But here we are together and that’s all that matters in the end.
FM Static

Because he knows the worst thing about me, and its okay.
Meet Joe Black

You took my hand and held it up, and shot my arm full of love. And it spread, and it spread into the world.
The Avett Brothers

My, my heart like a kick drum
My love like a voice
The Avett Brothers

There may not be a such thing as a perfect guy, or a perfect family, or a perfect friend…but there is a such thing as a perfect moment.
Melissa Joan Har

When you love someone all your saved-up wishes start coming out.
Elizabeth Bowen

It’s safe to fall if you just trust the ground that you stand on — I swear I would never let you down.

Oh, I just remembered how your hand fits the curve of my waist and how your smile fits the curve of my mind.
Juliana Shortell

Let’s just keep running, you and me, away from here, away from everything. I see everything so clearly now. We’ll go someplace where no one knows us. As long as we’re together, nothing else matters.

It’s amazing how you knock me off my feet. Every time you come around me I get weak. Nobody ever made me feel this way; you kiss my lips and then you take my breath away…
Joe, I Wanna Know

I have this connection with him, though he doesn’t see it. It’s like I turn around without a reason I can think of and he’s either passing by or is standing nearby. I can pick him out of a crowd of over a hundred almost instantly sometimes. It’s almost as if I can feel his presence.
My So-called Life

You drive me crazy… crazy is all right.
Dave Matthews Band

I don’t know who sings it
I keep searchin’ the radio
I just wanna hear it
So I can watch that video
I got in my head of a blue-eyed boy
Dancin’ in the bed of a two-ton ford
Oh lord it’s love
I just can’t say
But I’ve,
I’ve had that song in my head all day, yeah
Julianne Hough

I don’t make you feel special. I just remind you that you are special.
David F. Sims

‘Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything’s okay
Boys Like Girls

Juno MacGuff: I think I’m in love with you.
Paulie Bleeker: You mean as friends?
Juno MacGuff: No… I mean for real. ‘Cause you’re, like, the coolest person I’ve ever met, and you don’t even have to try, you know…
Paulie Bleeker: I try really hard, actually.

Yeah well sometimes it’s not easy, sometimes love can scare you half to death… but I’ll give it my best. yeah, we’ll find a way to make it, who says we’ve got to do it their way, baby what do you say
The Randy Rogers Band

Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. For example, you’re walking along minding your own business, you’re looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when all of the sudden, you run smack into a pretty face. WHOO-WHOO! You begin to get weak in the knees, your head’s in a whirl! And then you feel light as feather, and before you know it you’re walking on air! And then you know what? You’re knocked for a loop! And you completely lose your head! You’re twitterpated.

Where you are is where I want to be. And through your eyes all the things I want to see. And in the night you are my dream. You are everything to me.
Dave Matthews Band

If I had to run, if I had to crawl … if I had to swim a hundred rivers just to climb a thousand walls. Always know that I will find a way to get to where you are.
Sara Evans

Are you aware the shape I’m in? My hands, they shake and my head it spins..
The Avett Brothers

You are a novel in a sea of magazines
You make me nervous, You make my heart beat
You are red in a sea of black and white
You are a fire, you are dynamite
Drew and Ellie Holcomb

I wanna be the only one for miles and miles… except for maybe you, and your simple smile.
Dixie Chicks

If I hurry I can catch the colors on her skin from that sunset. And her face and that love waitin’ on me. This I gotta see.
Jason Aldean

I hope that someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight, and that’s all they do. They don’t pull away. They don’t look at your face, they don’t try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms, without an ounce of selfishness in it.

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little bit of each other everywhere.
Tim McGraw
Drop everything now. Meet me in the pouring rain. Kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain. ‘Cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile.
Taylor Swift

When he kisses you, he isn’t doing anything else. You’re his whole universe and the moment is eternal because he doesn’t have any plans and isn’t going anywhere. Just kissing you… it’s overwhelming.

I’m crazy about you and I want you to know that if I had the choice of hanging out with anyone in the entire world or just sitting at home with you eating a pizza and watching a crappy tv show… I’d choose you everytime.

Sometimes I stare at you while you are sleeping; I listen to your breathing, amazed how I somehow managed to sweep you off of your feet.
Secondhand Serenade

Every face is there to be looked at
Every word is there to be heard.
Don’t believe in all that you see.
Just believe, believe in me.
Jack Savoretti

Why does everything feel so much better now that you’re here?
Forces of Nature

This love thing awakened a group of slumbering senses in my body that I never even knew existed.
Cecila Ahern

All I wanna do is lie in bed with you .
All I really ever need is you.
All I gotta do is give up all I have to be with you.

She believed in dreams, alright, but she also believed in doing something about them. When Prince Charming didn’t come along, she went over to the palace and got him.
Walt Disney

Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that’s beautiful.
Milan Kundera

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
Mother Teresa

There is no equal to you.
Bhagavad Gita

grow old with me! the best is yet to be!
Robert Browning

fool! don’t you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you!

you are nothing that I ever expected, and everything I ever dreamed…
Dawn Dais

Limitless like the ocean are your excellent qualities
The Dalai Lama

If I know what love is, it is because of you.
Herman Hesse

you will not believe how glad I am that I have met you.

I can’t wait another minute. Life is short, love is sweet. Ain’t no time like this time baby.
Carrie Underwood

You are, and always have been, my dream.
Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

I love you. I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.
Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

Noah: “You wanna dance with me?”
Allie: “Sure. Now?”
Noah: “Mmm Hmm”
Allie: “You’re not supposed to dance in the street.”
Noah: “You are supposed to dance in the street.”
Allie: “Yeah, but we don’t have any music.”
Noah: “Well, we’ll make some… Bum bum bum bum bum bum…”
Allie: “You’re a terrible singer.”
Noah: “I know.”
Allie: “And I like this song.”
— Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

I’d love to, she finally said,”on one condition.”
I steadied myself, hoping it wasn’t something too awful.
“You have to promise that you won’t fall in love with me.”
I knew she was kidding me by the way she laughed, and I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Sometimes, I had to admit, Jamie had a pretty good sense of humor.
I smiled and gave her my word.”
— Nicholas Sparks

If conversation was the lyrics, laughter was the music, making time spent together a melody that could be replayed over and over without getting stale.
— Nicholas Sparks

Duke: They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other.
Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)


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