–Randy Rogers Band

Well everything about you inside and out is perfect. Over the edge I always fall. Every time I see you, the way I feel reminds me the world I knew just seems so small ’cause now with you I, I have it all.

‘Cause you, you’ve been on my mind. And I wish you were here beside me tonight lying in this bed ’cause I, I’m just not the same. I walk down these streets, I swear I hear your name, but it’s just in my head. I wish you were in my arms instead.

Sailors sail, cowboys ride. Lovers love when they get the chance. Take it slow, turn down the light. Soft and low, let the shadows dance. Baby don’t hold back.

I should’ve saw it coming from a mile away. But I was just in time to watch her tail lights fade. I’d give anything if she’d turn that car around and just come back home, but it’s sure looking like she won’t. I left her lonely too long.

Kiss me in the dark, roll me through the night. Hold me like you’ll never let me go. Hit me with your heart. Tell the more to lie, let your skin talk to my soul. Kiss me in the dark.

Girl it drives me crazy. He don’t know what he’s got. I’m fighting so hard not to cross the line. I should steal you away. I should steal you away in the middle of the night, come take your heart. I should steal you away.

Well, if things don’t work out by the next song and you’re looking for someone who can dance, I’ll be right over there by the jukebox, a quarter in my hand, trying to buy myself a chance.

Without a single word, baby we can say so much. Reveal everything with just one touch.

I don’t wanna go out tonight. Yeah, but I can’t be alone, standing underneath this broken street light. Can somebody take me home? Can somebody take me out of this bar, out of this heartache? Out of this world? I just keep breaking down.

Wicked ways have taken me, broken me apart. Rotten seed that I have sewn has overgrown my heart, but I think that you could save me if you care to spend the time. Just hope you leave your wicked ways behind with mine.

I miss holding your hand, miss going on walks, miss being your man. I miss watching you sleep, guess I just miss you with me.

How ’bout one more goodbye? Play with fire just one more time, let it burn till the morning light and let it fade away.

You only want what you can’t have and that’s all there is to you, you’ve got your head in the clouds, your heart is bulletproof


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