I know in the past I’ve caused you pain and I’m sorry and I’ll always be sorry until the day I die. I hate this paper in my hand because it isn’t you. I even hate this letter ’cause it’s not the whole truth because the whole truth is so much more than a letter can even say. If you wanna hate me, go ahead. If you wanna burn this letter, do it. You can burn the whole world down … you can tell me to go to hell … I’d go if you wanted me to and I’d send you a letter from there.
My So-Called Life

Man, I screwed up. I hurt the one person in the world who would never dream of hurting me.
Michelle Burns

Love doesn’t require you to be perfect, but it does require you to forgive.
Boy Meets World

I know that things between us are pretty much beyond repair right now. And I wouldn’t ever presume to try and make everything better with a conversation, so that’s not what this is — but I just wanted to tell you, I wanted to say about everything that happened last spring… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the pain it caused you. But mostly I’m sorry for my part in it. And I’m sorry for the pain I know it caused you. But mostly I’m sorry because I miss our friendship. And however far off it may be, I look forward to the day that we can be friends again, So, until then…
Dawson’s Creek

But I’m sorry now, and I don’t know how to get it back to good.
Matchbox 20

Can I ever make it up to you? I’m sorry that I made you mad, the things I did just didn’t seem that bad.
the Ataris

I’m alone, yeah. I don’t know if I can face the night. I’m in tears, and the crying that I do is for you. I want your love; let’s break the walls between us. Don’t make it tough. I’ll put away my pride. Enough’s enough; I’ve suffered, and I see the light…

I just want you to understand that I know what all the fighting was for, and I just want you to understand, that I’m not angry anymore. I’m not angry anymore.
Ani Difranco

I’m sorry I’m bad, I’m sorry I’m blue
I’m sorry about all the things I said to you
And I know I can’t take it back
I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds
And baby the way you make my world go ’round
And I just wanted to say I’m sorry

So this is me swallowing my pride
Standing in front of you
Saying I’m sorry for that night
And I go back to December all the time
It turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you
Wishing that I realized what I had when you were mine
I go back to December, turn around and make it all right
I go back to December all the time
Taylor Swift


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