About Me

I am Ashley. I have hundreds of experiences, emotions, talents, beliefs, and inspirations that make me who I am. I love Jesus, and even though I don’t deserve it – He loves me unconditionally. I am still learning how to love and be loved. I’m learning that it’s going to take a long time to fully understand the power of the truth that the Lord offers me every minute of every day.

My mother is my best friend, but she still knows that I’m my daddy’s girl. My brother is four years younger than me. He is one of the funniest people that I know, and I love spending time with him. I would do anything for that boy (well, I guess I should say man). My boyfriend is Jake. We started dating in February of 2011. I love us, so much. It is such an exciting journey creating a relationship and a life together that reflects the relationships that we each have with the Lord. My roommates are Nicole, Kathryn, and Virginia. I love them so much, and I am so blessed to have them in my life. They love me so well!

Most of my family lives in the small town of Hayesville, North Carolina (south of Asheville on the North Carolina/Georgia border). To me, it is the most beautiful place in the world. I’m a senior at NC State University, and I wouldn’t be happier anywhere else. I’m a huge sports fan, and you’ll find me at any Wolfpack home game. Red is my favorite color. I am going to miss this place SO much when I graduate. It’s hard to put into words how important this university is to me. I’m red and white for life! I am a student teacher at A.B. Combs Elementary. I am passionate about loving children and can’t wait to begin the next exciting chapter in my life as a teacher!

Quotes have been an important hobby to me for years. I hear a lyric on the radio, find a line in a book, or read that verse in the Bible that just seems so perfect, so I write it down. I’ve spent countless hours reading them, re-reading them, and deciding what each one of them means to me. When I was a freshman in high school I began a notebook in which I wrote down quotes from movies, books, or even my friends and family. Anything that I thought would be important advice or just something funny to read later was written down. Two years later I had two notebooks that were completely full, so I transferred them all to a Word document. A few months later, I created this blog where I update as much as I can! It sounds like a silly hobby, but I just love it so much! I believe that sharing various thoughts and insights about life and love can really reach people.

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I’ve been on this Earth for twenty-one years, and I’ve learned a lot of lessons. If I could give any advice to you, it would be this:
Pray. And smile!

Check out my personal blog at twosimplerules.wordpress.com!


3 responses

  1. Ashley
    This is “coach Steve”. I hope this finds you !!.
    I have been trying to find your web page for so long and just came across it.I hope you dont mind me contacting you. Your page is just amazing, you really have impressed me Ashley.
    I don;t know if your aware but i moved to OH. A lot has happened over the past year. I hope you are enjoying your time at NC State, and i would love to hear from you, if you want to.
    My e-mail at home is steve.fenlon@yahoo.com .Please do NOT give this out to anyone.

  2. I’m Sherry from Egypt. All through this page I felt like you were talking about me not you! And when I found you saying that red is your favorite color I had goosebumps! Never related to any piece of writing as much as I did to yours. I love your blog and all the quotes you’ve gathered all the way through. Especially the ones from Grey’s Anatomy, my favorite show of all time! :D I feel sorry for myself for not finding your blog so long ago, my loss. Anyways, I just wanted to spill that and tell you how inspired I truly am! Thank you for deciding to be a difference! :)

  3. I attended Western Carolina back in 1973-75. Small world. You are obviously an old soul who early on was in touch with what is real, important, and meaningful in life. I think you will enjoy reading my latest project, The God Smiles Project (www.thegodsmilesprojet.org). Would appreciate your feedback on it and if you had a place to post it (Facebook, blog) that would be great. Blessings, Dan Seufert

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