I stumbled upon this and thought you needed to be reminded of this simple truth that I find myself often overlooking. And please try not to think that I’m sounding cliche and giving cookie cutter responses. But here’s the truth. You aren’t perfect. You’re far from it. (And that’s a universal you, not just you). God doesn’t expect you to make all the right choices. He knows that we are going to turn from him 99 % of the time. Hell, I know I do. But he gave is son for that 1% giving way for the possibility of a relationship with you. You are redeemed through his blood. And that’s how God looks at you. As a little 5 year old version of you, running toward you in hopes that he can just squeeze the crap out of you. That is who you are in Christ. So don’t listen to those lies in your head that you aren’t “enough.” Just focus on that 1% of when you turn to Christ.
Nicole Langkamp – you can read her blog at :)


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